Finding out the status quo

Umea is a small city where a lot of people rely on bike as a matter of transport ( even in freezing cold winter ! ). It is very common view to see misplaced and damaged bikes around the city. The challenge was to find out why do people abandon bikes and how this connects with the social structure. 


Asking "what if ?"  

We started with in depth ethnographic research that allowed us to get familiar with the situation and get to know the actors playing important roles. We than created service provocations - prototypes of service, that we envisioned could change the status quo. This way we iterated and tested our solutions in real life environment. 

Showcasing the neglected problem

The outcome of our project was a interactive exhibition that was showcasing the problem, proposing solutions and inviting all stakeholders to co-creation. I learned that educating the stakeholders can be the key point to the success of the project. Also I saw how putting them in shoes of others through interactive experience can change their mindset.